Image of Savvy Flooring {bamboo} Image of Savvy Flooring {bamboo} Image of Savvy Flooring {bamboo}

Savvy Flooring {bamboo}

$48.00 – $180.00
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  • 23x36 inches - $48.00
  • 25x60 inches - $72.00
  • 46x66 inches - $180.00
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Our most popular size for photographers is the 46 inches by 66 inches.
For product photography, the 23x36 inch is perfect.

These rugs are 100% machine washable & dryable; they come out looking new every time
The premium 100% slip-resistant backing is 20% recycled content
Each rug has “memory,” and always lies flat
No wrinkling or creasing after being folded or crumbled
Low profile allows doors to pass over easily
Neoprene-type cushion construction provides comfort
Color fast designs are permanently dyed
Photo-real image quality

Please note: Delivery time for Savvy flooring is 2 weeks.